Ida Alis Lohse

Glass coffee table, 1953, Wohnbedarf Zurich
Design: Ida Alis Lohse

Manufacturer: Stahlrohrmöbelfabrik KIM
Heinrich Kihm, Predigerplatz 2, Zurich
Tubular steel frame, diameter 18 mm, chrome-plated
Variants: black finish, yellow finish
Size frame: 30 x 110 cm x 45 cm
Size glass top: 180 x 45 c

© Richard Paul Lohse-Stiftung, Zurich | Larger view

75 years Wohnbedarf 1931–2006
Exhibition 6 September – 8 October 2006

Wohnbedarf AG Zurich celebrates its 75th anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to original furniture spanning the company's history.

Included in the exhibition is a glass coffee table designed by Ida Alis Lohse for Wohnbedarf in 1953. It was manufactured by KIM in Zurich, the manufacturers of tubular steel furniture who also produced chairs designed by Hans Coray. Richard Paul Lohse was responsible for KIM's graphic designs between 1951 and 1956.

A brochure in two parts was published to commemorate the anniversary:
1931–2006 75 Jahre Wohnbedarf
Concept and texts: Arthur Rüegg
Design: Georg Staehelin
It includes a reprint of the brochure "1931-1956 25 Jahre Wohnbedarf", designed by Richard Paul Lohse in 1956.
Available through Wohnbedarf in Zurich, price: CHF 30.-