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Mural in Jona-Rapperswil restored

For the Paradies-Lenggis school in Jona-Rapperswil (built by architect Kurt Federer) Richard Paul Lohse in 1967 designed a mural of four door elements, extended to eight elements in 1971.

After years in wind and weather, the work was in need of restoration. This project was realised by Fontana & Fontana, a company who was already involved in the technical realisation of the original work. On 2 November 2004 the reconstructed mural was unveiled – now it shines again in fresh colours.

Lohse's mural is on an outside wall of the school. It is openly accessible and can be viewed without an appointment. The address:

Schulhaus Paradies-Lenggis
Paradiesweg 15
CH-8645 Jona-Rapperswil / Switzerland